Antifascism in the Bundeswehr: How would you have acted or how will you act today in view of the AfD and after the war in Afghanistan?

Antifascism in the Bundeswehr: How would you have acted or how will you act today in view of the AfD and after the war in Afghanistan?

Unlike in the USA, where the bearer of arms ihavea guaranteed basic right and iare understood in the sense of an inalienable human right, the monopoly of force does not only lie with state institutions, but Trumpists, neo-Nazis, Tea party people and militias walk around armed,while German fascists have when they want armed organizations  the only way is through the infiltration of the state monopoly of violence, shooting clubs and the illegal procurement of weapons. On the one hand, the AfD tries to mobilize and win supporters in the Bundeswehr (KS affair, Bundeswehr members as parliamentarians), secret services (Roewert / Maasen), police (NSU 2.0, SEK scandal), but apparently the AfD’s Höcke  wing now set up armed groups themselves, like the research by the green newspaper taz is evidence of this. Of course, they want to use the Bundeswehr. On the one hand, it can be stated that the troops feel neglected because of the lack of support in the Afghan war, as well as the sense of usefulness of foreign missions, then also about the traditional decree by Ursula von der Leyen: That the Wehrmacht is no longer taken as a model, but now isolated and military rescuers of Jews, former but civilian air force pilots as in Mogadishu or a fallen soldier as a name for Bundeswehr barracks, should generate some moral guard for inner leadership, but a troop is not just a scout club .. Not wrong either, but that’s ambivalent. On the one hand, a soldier wants to defend his country and be optimally equipped for this purpose and also draw on the best combat experience of the past, especially since no major wars or successes have been achieved since 1945 which got broad and popular support by government and the population. That is just not the case. The missions abroad in the coomonb sense are more likely to die, are embarrassing or difficult to convey in a post-heroic and pacific Germany, one does not hope to get involved in security-political questions or geopolitical reasons except for the  1 hour Phönix-TV from the Bundestag, especially since geopolitics has been Nazi-occupied since Haushoffer and everything is only legitimized underthe veil of  well drilling and women’s rights, which is also the case and against which nothing could be said, but not everything and above all.

In addition, the Bundeswehr, like other military, has problems converting from a conscript army to a professional / volunteer army, under the more stringent requirements that more gender and ethnic diversity is added at the same time. This is where the AfD comes in, which sees a schooling, homosexualization,, softening, feminszation, de-Germanization, emasculation, underfunding of a mercenary army of the USA, which no longer follows German interests and back to the future to a new German Wehrmacht and hoped-for world power with weapons of mass destruction developed (the reintroduction of nuclear power is not primarily intended for civil purposes, but to roll back  the “new Versailes” for nuclear weapons, which were already mentioned by the steel helmet wing of the CDU / CSU Dregger, Strauss and now Gauland), which then supposedly sovereignly will team up with the USA. France or Russia and be armed against the other or with other, has military jurisdiction, its own general staff and old warrior ideal and should again become a conscript army and thus an AfD army for the alleged people for undefined German interests. That is why the AfD is  also for the Dexit with the new Wehrmacht and the hoped-for world power(Weltmacht) . Always camouflaged with peace rhetoric and Bismarck.

 Bundeswehr officers are now encouraged to practice remembrance culture, take a look at a memorial site of concentration camps, try to explain historical atrocities of the Reichswehr or Wehrmacht, be it that the Reichswehr betrayed serving Jewish comrades or just about all the well-known atrocities of the not-so-clean Wehrmacht. But the decisive factor is that one polarizes the question of how the soldiers feel about democracy, NATO and the EU, as well as the AfD and the right-wing activities in the Bundeswehr and other security organs. You can use it to make it clear what you actually want. The open letter from ex-General Wittmann to the first 3-star General of the AfD Wundrack should serve as a model. And despite all the Euroscepticism, traditional decrees, underfunding, the lack of security policy definition regarding the question of meaning and interests, one should first ask whether the soldiers still believe that this can still be solved in a democracy or whether they have lost their trust and follow  the AfD- Fascism and the illegal arming of the Höcke-AfD, which now also wants to demand gun ownership for the people like in the USA or Brazil, Is this the appropriate solution? . To do this, one should simply read through Höcke’s book “Not twice in the same river” and rather update the past of fascism – not with the question “How would you have acted then?”, But “How do you act now?”.

And the national conservatives and traditionalists should clearly show that they distance themselves from the Höcke-AfD and notpromote  a new Harzburg Front, which is still the AFD, but the national conservatives ala Meuthen or Gauland (?) like Schleicher and Papen and Hindenburg willlose influence. This also applies to such examples as the Union of Values (Werteunion) of the ex- President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution  Maasen, who seeks solidarity with the AfD and who after his dubious role in Amri’s attack at Breitschar Square (was it failure, was it  let it happen on purpose totopple Merkell or the CIA, for which Amri was a tracking device for an IS functionary in Libya and therefore had free mobility which while his smartphone partner  was wiped out by means of a drone) now met with the young CDU star Philip Amthor in an equally scandalous security company, which wants to organize the surveillance of the Germans. How does an old song say: Tell me where you stand? And: What do you choose today !. However, this would not only be the responsibility of the soldiers, but also of democracy in order to  address the shortcomings mentioned. Starting with  more focus on security policy and a discussion and balance sheet  from the Afghan war in particular and the purpose of the military, the EU, NATO in general with the premise: What do we learn from it for the future? But no more, suppressing such discussions and simply ignore and wanting to forget.

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