German and other elections: Nothing to vote for!

German and other elections: Nothing to vote for!

Which party should you choose? I would vote for a party that makes it clear to the population that economic growth has to be reduced, bans and regulations have to be drawn up and that minus consumption  has to be exercised. I would choose a party that promotes that in he field of mass tourism. massive domestic and international flights are limited, cruise ship travel is categorically prohibited, and sothe same for  SUVs. In addition: If you are supposedly doing so well in Germany, why are you the world export champion in mass tourism? If you can’t stand it in your own country and have to flee, it is a status question in which you have to outdo yourself with your showing off with any exotic travel destinations via social media, if you want to fuck even more 3rd world women, Dream cruise and crusader cruise inspired have nothing to do  with Goethe and Humbold’s educational trips, as it is only about polluting the oceans, to go shopping or to have a coffee in Venice or anywhere else and to show off that you are with the ship’s captain and ate dinnerwith him and otherdon´t care abut these countries? Notto mention the Ballermann tourists with their drinking buckets. Such a party of simple honesty and truth is not to be expected, not even in Germany, since economic growth, mass consumption, also in the form of mass tourism, the freedom of cruise ships and SUVs such as the Veggieday are outside of all discussion and all parties are afraid to limit them. The lifestyle of their constituents to question their apparent way of life which is called freedom and then just fear to be called prohibition party.Admittedly, a bit of symbolic politics, but if it is not done,, everything else is not even thinkable or feasible.

Therefore the mainstraem parties  prefer so-called technology-open solutions, of which nobody knows whether they will ever come about and the market will fix it, although it is clear that the market wants even more economic growth and consumption. The elites of the world and their peoples are caught up in the ideology of growth, there may be a growth critic here and there, but the elites are trained at universities to propagate and legitimize further economic growth without any justification. Around the world the elites are trained in business administration, economics and politics to advocate further economic growth, to outdo each other and to do nothing against the population explosion. A simple vicious circle. Any restriction of this is seen as socialism, communism and alien to reality and a threat to the consumerist lifestyle, which is due to capital accumulation and economic growth, especially since under the pressure not only of the established countries but also of the underdeveloped countries to achieve a similar standard of living regardless of the worldwide consequences. Especially since all those underdeveloped countries and their populations not only want to have the same standard of living as the developed countries, inspired by TV series, but also the elites and populations in the metropolis want to outperfom against each other . So win-win becomes loose-loose for everyone. And both sides and the consumer propaganda, also by means of influencers, are fueling everyone.

No way out. Now we do not want to propagate that you no longer travel and only spend your life in balconies and with your garden gnome. But we are against these mass excesses of mass tourism and ask ourselves why the nationalist ideology of the growth champion, the world export champion, the mass tourism world champion is not even questioned – not even by so-called left parties want to regulate the whole thing, whereupon the opposite side airs against any logic limitation and regulation  communism suspicion. And can’t you spend your vacation in Germany or the region, maybe with family members and friends, and you don’t have to flee from each other? One has the impression that this Germany, about which everyone says that it is so beautiful and great and that everyone is doing well, is more likely to lead to mass exodus from one another. Why not be together with family members and friends, discussing and solving any problems and differences instead of running away again and again and being constantly unsatisfied – this is beyond political discussions and how this could be changed in the direction of political organization. But the growth issue is the central issue beyond its obvious symptoms in mass tourism and hedonistic and consumeristic life style..In authoritarian states such as Russia and China and elsewhere, it is not allowed to vote or only if the election is certain, but all these authoritarian states also pursue the growth ideology according to their Western model, even more strongly than the West, because they want to catch up with and overtake the West, but not even fundamentally question the ideology of economic growth.Nowhere is there an alternative that questions the economic growth ideology or the population explosion. An explosive mixtur .for the future nobody wants to address.

Today there was an advertisement for a sponsorship and donation for children in Africa again on TV . For decades we have known these appeals for donations for a good conscience without tackling the problem of the population explosion. If I would donate something, it would be for contraceptives and condoms and to educate the parents that it is not possible to have more and more children who cannot be fed or only through the UN or other charitable development aid so that there are more and more. It just sucks and no one is against population explosion and economic growth as a deity.Why should one actually feed more and more people so that they multiply again, and then produce even more poor people who cause instability and refugees, and also face the new growing mass contingents of terrorists and guerrilla armies against the West and secular people in these states . Why feed the future armies of the enemy and let them multiply further? In Afghanistan, too, the Taliban is now again blackmailing the West with the eternal moral pressure that nobody can starve to death and the West gives way as always and ensures a further increase in the population and even more poverty. Recognitionof the Taliban or famine in Afghanistan.

A lot of talk about 2% NATO goals, 0.7% development aid goals and 1.5% climate protection goals, but it would above all need population goals and birth controll, otherwise the other targets will have to rise exorbitantly without tit. However, it is acted as if none of this is connected and nothing will happen, which is why the expenditures of the first three targets will rise exorbitantly or will not be able to keep pace at all. Some are now focusing on giving Europe and Germany military capacities to conduct their own foreign missions and the argument that Europe and Germany should be able to evacuate their own troops without the USA, is more of an exit strategy and bait . But after Afgahnistan and the looming debacle in the Sahel zone, the question arises where the European troops could do anything without the US, especially since they don’t want to end up in countries with a population explosion where the opponents rely on guerrilla strategy of exactly these masses. No matter how many warships and troops you can have, it doesn’t protect you from debacles like Afghanistan as even a military gorilla like the US failed and the best you could achieve is limit yourself to the Balkans and the neighboring countries. The deterrence of Russia cannot take place without the USA and should a president be elected again in the USA who questions NATO and the US defense guarantee, a coalition of the willing between Germany, France and Great Britain remains at best, in the event that Brexit-Global Britain can still be won for it or the bad option of France’s Force de Frappe as a deterrent to Russia and also to accept French dominance. In any case, all this talk about own European military operations is leading to a dead end and cannot influence developments in the such populous states where guerillas can recruit enough of desperate masses. .

Conversely, it is naive to believe, like the Left, that you can only rely on development aid and diplomacy – especially without a military bIg stick. Especially since the development aid and transfer payments in their current form and without conditioning do not change anything in the field of the population explosion, which is not even seen as a problem while that also means instability and refugees and migration. The USA, China and the EU cannot put so much money into the population-exploding countries that an effect could be achieved without the conditioning of a birth control, just as one cannot take in millions of refugees despite a limited amount due of lack of labor force and demographic gap. Even Sarah Wagenknecht is aware of this, which is why she got a cake from the Open Borders for all-Left in her face at the Left Party Congress. Yes, the madness knows no limits when business associations promise new export markets, economic growth or China, a standard of living like in western states by means of the New Silk Road for the exploding poors.. There is a lot of talk about combating the causes of flight, but nothing about population policy, population explosion, birth controll or anything in that direction from any party. In addition, all the Christian and Islamic organizations promote the popilation explosion , even if Pope Francis once told his Catholics that the point of religion is not to breed like rabbits, but the Catholic Church in practice does nothing and all the Islamic and above all the Islamic organizations preach the birth jihad. Then there are the evangelicals, those in the misery of Asia. Latin America and Africa flourish and preach wealth through and with God and are still fanatical in this regard. Short: Game over, no matter whom you elect.

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