The breaking news of the century: CNN close to the Democrats

The breaking news of the century: CNN close to the Democrats

Breaking News: CNN is said to be in a close relationship with the Democrats.

„The Democrats‘ assault gun is stuck CNN is in a deep crisis after the resignation of its boss Jeff Zucker.

It’s not just about a secret relationship.Is the station close to Joe Biden’s Democrats? Admittedly, the comparison lags a bit. But in order to understand what is currently happening in the innermost core of America’s political and media complex, one has to imagine that Markus Lanz‘ big brother is the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. The two use their positions to promote each other. The moderator repeatedly puts his brother on his show and praises his government skills. The imaginary SPD heavyweight, in turn, uses the prominent TV journalist for his own purposes. Nobody bothers about it. After all, the enemy is on the right. Then the politician was accused of sexual harassment by several women. After his resignation, it is revealed that his little brother advised him on how to deal with the affair. His station initially supports him. Only when an investigation revealed that the journalist was acting as a kind of central PR crisis manager in the background they fire him. Weeks later, the head of the station has to resign himself – because of a relationship with a colleague on the board. The secret relationship became known through the investigation. And by the way, the lover was once the press spokeswoman for the SPD man. A slightly overloaded script? Not in America.”

The fact that CNN is close to the Democrats is really not breaking news, even if the details are piquant and a little reminiscent of Habsburg marriage policy and Felix Austria. And Metoo once again as a trigger. But the fact that Red Hanoi Jane Fonda was in a relationship with CNN boss Turner right from the start pointed in this direction and it was no secret. That’s why there’s also the Republican-leaning Fox News, just like Focus in Germany and Spiegel. And every American and moviegoer has known since the film “Bombshell” that Fox News, which is close to the Republicans and Trump, is acting and behaving like its democratic counterparts:

““Bombshell“ on Fox News Case : Ugly Truths from the Pre-MeToo Era

One year before the Weinstein scandal, the US broadcaster Fox News got rid of its CEO. Roger Ailes had sexually harassed young female employees and abused his power for years. „Bombshell“ takes a chronological look at the events with an all-star cast. When Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein hit the headlines in 2017 because many women – including well-known actresses – accused him of sexual assault and even rape, Roger Ailes was already out of a job. He was a television and musical producer and media advisor to the Republican Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush before he designed the conservative Fox News channel for media mogul Robert Murdoch in 1996 and from then on ran it.

In 2016, the scandal surrounding him started when presenter Gretchen Carlson made it public that Ailes had been sexually molesting her for years. She is fired and files a lawsuit, other employees – including moderator colleague Megyn Kelly – join after initial hesitation. Matters spiral out of control until Ailes is no longer viable for the Murdochs and their company. The then 76-year-old is fired – allegedly with a severance payment of 40 million dollars. The story that “Bombshell – The End of Silence” tells is well known to every American, but may be new territory for some German viewers. This case alone should have triggered the #MeToo movement resulting from the allegations against Weinstein.”

But even without all the Me Too scandals, the political orientations of both broadcasters are well known and documented, so it’s no surprise. It’s not for nothing that Trump didn’t want to get interviewed by CNN, but only by Fox News and, since it became too unreliable for him, he has now also built up his own media empire.

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