India: Lessons from the Ukraine war

India: Lessons from the Ukraine war

While India wants to keep a more neutral position in the Ukraine war, not be drawn into the US-Russian conflict, also in fear of the possibility of a Chinese- Pakistani- Russian axis against it, its military draws some lessons from the Ukraine war:

“India needs to be prepared for short swift wars as well as long-drawn stand-offs, with logistics being a key area: IAE chief

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“Quoting Sun Tzu that “the line between disorder  and order lies in logistics” during a seminar, Air Chief Marshall Chaudari said only a commander who understands logistics can push the .  military machine to the limits without risking a total breakdown. The comments came in the backdrop of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine towards end-February getting bogged down by poor logistics.”

The IEA chief thinks that India´s army has to have an integrated logistic plan and system which was still missing or having flaws to prevent such chaotic disorder as the Russian army experienced in Ukraine.

While there is now a discussion about the conventional strategy, India at the moment has no discussion about a change in the nuclear deterrence strategy, in contrast to the USA, Japan, South and Northkorea. It remains to be seen, if China will change its military strategy and also nuclear deterrence strategy after Japan wants a new military strategy with so called “enemy base strike capabilities”/“counterattack capabilities“, South Korea revies the preemptive strategic triad of the Kill Chain, KMPR and KAMP and Northkorea is now speaking about a preemptive attack strategy in the case that fundamental state interests would be hurt by a third party beyond the aleeady existing deterrence strategy. But there could be a discussion about a new nuclear deterrence strategy in India, should China start one.

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