Sustainable defloration: Siemens CEO offers Friday for Future supervisory board position

Sustainable defloration: Siemens CEO offers Friday for Future supervisory board position

Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser is considered an economic leader among the CEOs, who often positions himself publicly differently from his colleagues and makes polarizing political statements. Be it that he openly criticized the AfD and considered headscarf girls to be better than BDM girls, although he is cautious about criticizing the Chinese Communist Party like all managers and remains silent or about the Uyghur concentration camps, which just shows that like VW and every capitalist, he is a real political businessman who does not want to miss out on any contracts in neo-totalitarian China – despite all other Sunday speeches on human rights..ecology and whatever is stressed again and again. This should not be a moral critisism, but should only clarify once what the social responsibility of companies is and what limits are incumbent on them and not to take them as face value.

Kaeser has now offered the spokeswoman for the German Friday for Future movement and member of the Green Youth Luisa Neubauer a supervisory board post worth 30,000 euros. Kaeser is likely to pursue three goals here: on the one hand, the moral undermining, corruption and integration of the ecological icon, which is intended to show that ecology and economy are not contradictory. Secondly, Luisa should stand as a green seal of approval for the multinational company and an image upgrade as an environmentally sustainable, future-oriented group that is rejuvenating and seeking dialogue and a common future with the youth. Thirdly, the integration and re-education of the young movement, which then learns to think in terms of economic constraints, corporate balance sheets and profit generation.

The most important thing about it is that Kaeser wants to create the impression that a Green New Deal, green capitalism is possible. a new model of capitalism which neutralizes the antagonism of profit maximation and ecological or other standards. He wants to be the multicultural gender- ecological, sustainable forerunner of a capitalism that neutralizes these antagonisms like Henry Ford was raising the wages of his workers that they will buy his Thin Lizzy and thereby bring a new Fordanian era, now a green capitalism with unconditioned basic income. Therefore he stands out of the front of other German CEOs who reject his ideas or openly speak out about political and societal questions. .Maybe he will find more supporters for his ideas in the Silicon Valley or Elon Musk, but that´s not sure as similar companies in the USA support renewable energies, but not many other things Kaeser supports beyond genderism and multiculturalism.

The Greens have long been role models for green seals of approval. Be it Kretschmann’s commitment to the automotive industry and electric cars, for which Joscha Fischer also drives for BMW in advertising clips or Rezzo Schlauch in the Baden-Württemberg energy industry. But Luisa is considered young, unspoiled, idealistic, not corruptible, an innocent virgin in this matter like Greta or Joan of Arc and just yet not as a corrupt angry white, old and dirty man or gray-haired 68er Realo-elder statesman. If she refuses, it would be quite possible to be portrayed as an immature, ideological, incompetent, cowardly denying reality angry citizen who cannot be taken seriously. Perhaps not, either, because these qualities are also positively attributed to the youth and do not want to be accused of the abuse of minors. It remains to be seen whether Greta or other Friday for Future kids receive similar offers or whether this remains the exception and how Luisa Neumann and the FFF movement react to it.

A Christian who is in the Protestant church circles of Margot Käßmann and Bedford-Strohm commented this as follows:

„I classify Kaeser differently. He has often leaned out of the window, also in terms of refugees and has also received death threats. As CEO, he sees his political responsibility. With the position of a member of the superadvisory board he certainly wants to show Luisa that there is also responsibility for a company. He is moving the Friday for Future movement from the simple protest level to the much more complex decision level. ”

Besides the question if Luisa had any power to make decisions or to be decisive in the group or is not pure window dressing, one has to keep in mind: It should be clear that Kaeser is by no means so unselfish as claimed here. He is a businessman, above all committed to his shareholders and the share holder value, and speaking out for refugees during the welcome culture phase was rather mainstream. For him, refugees are cheap workers with whom you can lower wages. Admittedly, other entrepreneurs are politically opportunistic or reluctant, do not go public, but it should not be forgotten that companies are profit-maximizing units, which commitments to „social responsibility“ usually have to be wrested with great effort via trade unions, state regulations and under pressure from political movements. and once the pressure drops, they behave as before. This is not because they are evil or bad guys (of course in their ranks there will be also asholes and narcissistic characters like in the rest of the society), but because the economic system and its competition and struggle for profit maximation forces them to act as they act despite all Sunday speeches. They also maintain financially strong public relations departments that only disseminate positive images of them, whereby the much-cited social responsibility is also factored in more under business-related image and advertising reasons. In addition, the renewable energy, electromobility, mobility and urban planning concepts sector is also a profitable business area of ​​self-interesest.

Luisa Neubauer has now rejected the offer on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Greens on the grounds that she is not interested in positions, which is why Joschka Fischer looked a little stunned, dismayed, concerned and angry at the same time. Luisa did not do the Gazprom-Schröder or Nabuco-Joschi, especially since these are carbon pipeline projects. Corruption at such a tender age and as a member of the Green Youth is bad for the image and the much-propagated ideal of the undamaged and idealistic youth, unspoiled of materialism, especially since it could also cost votes and support for the movement, and could also be seen as treason. At such an age, Realo is not befitting in view of the social ideals of youth. This is more appropriate for figures such as the former NRW JuSo chairman and successor of Andreas Nahles, who then became head of Goldmann Sachs Germany and is now adviser to finance minister Scholz and has made a steep career in the SPD through the Seeheimer Circle. It is too early for Luisa. Especially since such figures as a Blackrock-Merz want to go through with entrepreneurial parties like the CDU / CSU / FDP as hope bearers, but with a party with the ideal olf of social justice and as former workers party like the SPD, on the other hand, the voters approve accordingly. But the older party members will probably still quote Willy Brandt: „If you are not a communist at 15, you have no heart, if you are still a communist with 35 you have no mind“. And in the socio-ecological Green version in the teenage age, the fundi has to be mimicked in order to give the realo the better later.

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