Nemtsov, Navalny, Zhukov: What does he stand for?

Nemtsov, Navalny, Zhukov: What does he stand for?

After the murder of Nemtsov and now the attempted poisoning of Navalny, Putin has the next dissident beaten up. Two men beat up the young dissident Yegor Zhukov, who is seen as the new hope of the Russian opposition and especially the youth.

“Zhukov is considered a talented and extremely quick-witted political head. He is a sharp critic of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and is an example of the politicization of youth in Russia. Last year, as a student, he appeared in opposition protests. A court sentenced him to three years probation and banned him from running his own websites on the Internet for two years. The Echo Moskwy broadcaster then added him to its editorial team. Zhukov’s programs have high ratings there. For example, he interviewed the opposition leader Alexej Navalny, who is now being treated at the Charité in Berlin for severe symptoms of poisoning. „

While the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) does say anything about Shugov’s political views, except that he is against Putin and once appeared with the representatives of a „democratic nationalism“ Navalny, at least the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) mentions his political positions as radical market libertarians:

“As a brilliant political student at the Moscow Business School, Zhukov had previously run a popular YouTube blog that was found to be“ extremist ”and banned by the authorities. Now the extremely quick-witted Zhukov directs the talk show “Your probation” on the Kremlin-critical radio station “Echo Moskwy”. The station’s editor-in-chief, Alexei Wenediktow, had vouched for him.

A few weeks ago, one of Zhukov’s guests was Navalnyj, whom Zhukov expressed his critical admiration for. In contrast to the Moscow activists, who are mostly socially liberal, Zhukov positions himself as a radical libertarian, but has also declared that he wants to keep his „youthful maximalism“. „

With Yegor Zhukov, Russia now has its own social Darwinist Ayn Rand, Ron or Rand Paul, including the CATO Institute, as the leading figure of the opposition. It is significant that he goes to business school and that this is also a youth opposition center against Putin’s economic policy. For these market-radical, anti-state libertarians, the FDP and the liberal Yabloko Party are socialist state parties and Milton Friedman, Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society are communists and state capitalists in disguise. Zhukov’s economic program would then be even more radical than the 100-day crash privatization program of the US economist Jeffrey Sachs in the Yeltsin era, which brought about chaos, oligarchs and a reduction in the average life expectancy of Russians by 10 years. For apologists of libertarianism like Yegor Zhukov, even this is not market radical enough. Freedom and human rights means freedom and human rights for the oligarchs and the superrich. The state and the central state in Russia would also be radically shackled and dismantled under their aegis, perhaps to the point of disintegration, inability to function and state collapse.

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