Navalny and Lavrov’s meeting with the AfD

Navalny and Lavrov’s meeting with the AfD

A remarkable event is that the German right-wing extremist AfD co-chairman Tino Chrupalla has now been officially invited by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and received with the highest honors. An honor that the Putin affine Gregor Gysi and his Left Party were never offered, although they suspected US-controlled anti-Northstream forces behind the Navalny attack. Firstly, Putin does not seem to believe in left majorities in Germany, secondly, the Left Party is likely to come across as a liberal-democratic, LGBTIQ-green and gendered party , and thirdly, the Left Party has recently declared that it no longer wants to dissolve the NATO as long as Russia does not make first steps towards a European Security architecture. It remains to be seen what comes next: Höcke to the military parade on the anti-fascist Great Patriotic War with Putin in the official gallery on Red Square? Or maybe as an Alternative for Germany and Russia a joint celebration on the anniversary of the Hitler-Stalin Pact?

In the NZZ interview, Chrupalla reveals further details and positions of the AfD on Russia:

NZZ: Mr. Chrupalla, you flew to Moscow at the beginning of December and met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov there. They say the German government tried to prevent the trip.

Chrupalla: The flight office had approved and promised us the trip. After that, however, the approval was revoked, allegedly because of the corona situation. That is very astonishing. In addition, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later told us that there had been calls from Berlin to torpedo our visit. We are now trying to clarify what was going on.

NZZ: There was criticism about the trip. Moscow only invited the AfD to wipe out the German government, it said.

Chrupalla: My conclusion about the trip is positive in general. It is unique that the Russian government receives a German opposition party. The talks dealt among other things with the common interests of both countries, which are affected by the sanctions against Russia ). The sanctions are more damaging to us than to the Russian economy. Almost 60,000 jobs are in danger; we have lost up to 60 percent of our exports to Russia in East Germany. That has to stop. One should separate economic and political interests.

NZZ: You claim that Germany is to blame for the bad relationship with Russia.

Chrupalla: Anyone who regards the Russians in Europe as an enemy is wrong. Of course there are different interests between Germany and Russia, but the Russian Foreign Minister and I both agree that less ideology and more pragmatism should prevail. In Soviet times we accused the Russians of being ideological. We are now the ideologues who wander through Europe with a raised finger and explain to everyone what they should and should not do.

NZZ: It’s not primarily about ideological differences. Russia has sent an assassin to Berlin, is behind a hacker attack on the Bundestag and maintains a German-language channel that spreads Kremlin propaganda. It’s hard to say that Germany is to blame for the broken relationship.

Chrupalla: As far as I know, who sent the murderer to Berlin has not yet been determined.

NZZ: The pieces of the puzzle give a clear picture.

Chrupalla: As I said, as far as I know, the crime has not yet been resolved. This double standard bothers me. And who benefits from it? Why was there no international outcry when an Iranian nuclear physicist was recently murdered?

NZZ: Let’s stay with Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin has annexed Crimea, poisoned dissidents and bombed the civilian population in Syria for years. How does that fit into your image of Russia?

Chrupalla: These allegations also need to be examined. In the past few decades, the Americans have repeatedly instigated wars in the Arab region that cost thousands of civilians the lives of thousands and made millions of people homeless and thus triggered huge flows of refugees. They also kill civilians with their drone attacks.

The AfD wants to have close relations with authoritarian Putin-Russia, reminds the old heritage from Katharina the Great to Black Reichswehr, Rapallo, Hitler-Stalin pact, perceived common Christian or authoritarian heritage and militarism, conservative and right-winged attitudes and state conceptions and so on while bashing liberals, homosexuals, women´s liberation as goddamned and intolerable feminism, promoting the idea of the homogenous nation-state as an attractive counterposition to globalists, multiculturalists, liberals, democrats and the other scum of the earth and minority identities. The white heterosexual couple promoted by the Orthodox Church has morally and structurally the formal stable synthesis which is then called identity and civilization.

.Putin now seems to want to strengthen the right-wing AfD in Germany, as well as hoping that Marine Le Pen will replace Macron in the 2022 presidential elections, leave NATO and the Euro and that Trump will return in 2024. As Prof. Rahr says, it is about a systemic struggle and the question is which civilization system will ultimately prevail. The liberal-capitalist-value-oriented Western European and American democracy or a right-wing radical authoritarianism up to neototalitarianism ala Russia or China or as an alliance of both, perhaps even with some Southern and Eastern Europeans.

The escalation spiral is currently rotating. But one also has to see Putin’s actions in context. What his support for the AfD is for the West the support for Navalny in the hope of a regime change to topple Putin. The poisoning of Navalny on Putin’s orders had a specific cause. There was a mass movement in Belarus, which is still going on, and mass demonstrations in Eastern Russia against Putin at the same time as the latter deposed a governor of the Russian Hitler- Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Zhirinovsky. Navalny saw the possibility of winning over the movement in Eastern Russia and wanted to organize a spread to Western Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities at the same time as the colorful revolution in Belarus. That is why he flew to Eastern Russia. Whether he wanted his assassination or „just“ paralysis remains speculation. In any case, Putin wanted to stop the vicious cycle of regime change dynamics against him right away.

Putin saw himself in danger as a result and ordered his removal. That would almost have worked if Navalny hadn’t come to the hospital in Eastern Russia so quickly. After he was flown to the Berlin Charite and left there cured and alive, he now apparently has the exact data and telephone numbers of his assassins, as 8 members of the Russian secret service, even with a photo, through Western secret services and an investigative pool of journalists from SPIEGEL, SZ and Guardian were outed, and one of his assasins which secretly called under the cover identity of a Russian secret service officer to obtain his confirmation of the assassination attempt by poison in his underpants confirmed the story. The Kremlin is now speaking of fake news and officially calling on Navalny to return to Russia to start a trial on his suspended sentence that would likely convict him and lock him up.

Of course he won´t do that. He remains in exile in Germany for the time being, is promoted there, especially since the EU has now imposed sanctions on Russia, including because of Russian hacker attacks on the German Bundestag and other incidents, whereupon the Kremlin has now banned many European diplomats from entering the country, as well as forced others to leave Russia. The Biden administration is not yet in office, but Biden and the Democrats have not yet commented on Belarus, Navalny and Putin. so that the reactions come mainly from Germany and the EU. Lavrov’s official reception of the AfD in the Kremlin is a counteroffensive of the Kremlin for the support of Navalny in Russia and now in Germany as a hoped-for regime change candidate, who is expected zto transform Putin-Russia into a liberal, pro-Western democracy. The only thing missing now is Lavrov offically meeting Marine Le Pen and Putin Trump as the American opposition. For the time being, it is the right-wing extremist German AfD.

What could be the reaction of the West? Will Merkel, Macron and Biden put some Novichok agent in the undertrouser of Chrupalla, Höcke, Marine Le Pen and Trump and let them fly to and get exiled in Moscow and then claim that Russian dark forces were behind it and that everything was fake news? For now, Putin has to deny rumors from so-called Kremlin critics on social media that he has cancer.

The red line: Lawrow´s meeting with the AfD-reorientation of Global Review

Ralf Ostner

A reorientation of Global Review on Russia. Here is our first consequence of Lavrov’s meeting with the AfD. This is a red line for us. This is a regime change option for Germany and we will not support that. Therefore our e-mail to RIAC where we were allowed to voice our opinion in a relativly free atmosphere compared to Chinese CCTV or CRI:

Dear Dr. Kortunov, dear Lora,

We think about ending our Russian contacts as Lawrow crossed a red line when officially inviting the AfD to the Kremlin.So this are the lessons of WW 2 to coperate with a fascist party which glorifies the menslaughter of the German Nazis ,the Wehrmacht and the SS.What comes next?Nazi-Hoecke at the Military-Parade for WW 2 at the Red Square? Or an anniversary celebration of the Hitler-Stalin pact?
What a shame!

There seem to be really hard conservatives, a struggle between the conservatives and hard conservatives and the question is if you can still call that hard conservative and not fascists. I think we will still have interviews with Sasha Rahr for Global Review as long as he makes not too obvious Moscow propaganda,but our team thinks about ending the cooperation with RIAC as this is Lawrow’s baby and he invited the AfD. We are aware that some parts of the Russian elite had criticism on that,but they seem to have no influence anymore.

It was nice to meet you and we hope the best for Russia, but see it going a wrong way.

Best wishes from Munich

Ralf Ostner

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